tor browser portable firefox hidra

тор браузер преимущества попасть на гидру

Все популярные браузеры собирают информацию о пользователях. На основе поисковых запросов, посещённых страниц, прочитанных статей и просмотренных видео строится цифровое досье пользователя, включающее в себя личные данные, интересы и даже политические пристрастия. Это делается для того, чтобы показывать релевантную рекламу, новости и другие полезные для конкретного пользователя вещи. Многие относятся к этому совершенно спокойно и даже считают благом. Однако есть и такие, кому не очень нравится, что кто-то собирает и хранит данные о их поведении и привычках.

Tor browser portable firefox hidra тор браузер разрешен ли гидра

Tor browser portable firefox hidra


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So I think as a user I should find a better way to reach the same goal and feedback what I have experienced with the applications provided by PortableApps. I know John have make his best effort to provide better portable apps to users. Feedback is encouraged here. I was addressing the last part of your previous post: You made it sound like your unwillingness to use TorPark is an ultimatum.

We are looking for constructive criticism. If you will notice, this also happens to a local instal, albiet to a lesser degree. The user can help a bit by getting a high performance drive. Exactly how hard is it to hit an update button? Once you hit 1. Neccessity is the mother of invention. You may even find a solution more suited to your personal needs, instead of the general public. And if you do, you caould post and help others. He just supplied the Portable Firefox part.

I actually did some custom coding for TorPark above and beyond the standard Portable Firefox stuff. You seem mistake my expression of my own choice between two approachs to anonymous surfing as ultimatum. My approachs are 1. But in fact they are have. Yesterday I test lastest version of Torpark which use Firefox 1. Then I run Torpark by using WINE on Ubuntu, I can surf the internet but speed is much slower and each time response time also have big difference and at several times It seem freezed and I have to restart the Torpark.

With the first approach, I can surf internet in accepting response time and performance is very stable. I think both way should use the same Tor crypted network, so here the main influence to slow response is not from Tor but from elsewhere.

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Your tips are invaluable. Worked great! Both ways, but your way is better. So I created a batch file that copies the flash Make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed on the local computer. Download and install it if necessary. My hope is that this continues to work with future versions, so that when you update Flash Player on your computer, you can just run this batch file to update the Flash Player in Firefox Portable. This will install the current version of flash on your local PC.

After that, you can uninstall the flash and the local firefox from the host computer using the software installation panel of windows if you wish. If you are not sufficiently computer skilled to do such file copy operations, ask some friend who has some practice in it. Depending on your operating system and settings, the folder system32 might be also not visible for you, so you will need to make system folders visible etc.

Note: this is not an extension, it is a plugin and as such the installation is somehow strange therefore. Extensions are installed automatically in general, just go to the website of mozilla and go to add-ons and there you will find many extensions. If you find what you like, just click on the green button next to it and follow what is on the screen, the extension will be installed.

But if you want to use Flash anyway, download the regular Flash installer from Adobe, install it, and just copy the 2 files manually. After that it works portably. Also, this thread is outdated, and it says so above. Hope one day someone will design a tor subsystem which whne it detects something like flash running, will simply formate the c: drive of that computer Hahah, I know what you mean. Use a real transparent proxy not a tor bundle crap..

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Thanx Tim. Thanks again. August 22, - pm. Last seen: 4 years 9 months ago. Would it hurt to. August 23, - pm. Just my. September 2, - pm. Last seen: 11 years 9 months ago. Nagging problem solved. September 9, - am. Last seen: 7 years 1 month ago. September 10, - pm. Last seen: 9 years 10 months ago. Real Player? Thanks for the quick reply John. September 24, - am. Last seen: 2 years 3 months ago. October 6, - pm. I just hate this. October 7, - am. Last seen: 6 years 2 months ago.

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